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We here at have a home base where we go out and visit with customers in the automotive segment on a regular basis.  New car dealers, used car dealers, body shops…you name it… We love to go out and listen to customers, it is where we learn, it is where we put the idea together for  We would like to share one of those listening experiences with you. 

We sell disposable floor mats here at  They are a staple product, and an essential product to any vehicle being worked on.  If a customer is not purchasing them from, we are a curious as to where they are being sourced.  Usually, they come from one of our competitors, until we compare pricing, then we gain that business.  But we are not here to toot our own horn today.  We want to discuss one of the other places we are told these disposable floor mats come from.

“We get them for free from our oil company.”  Really?  Free?  Nothing is free.  Think of the entire manufacturing process in making a paper floor mat.  Source the roll paper and have it delivered.  Have a machine that can print the roll paper, and then another machine that can cut the printed roll into individual mats.  And then another machine that will package those mats.  Then they must be shipped to the oil company, and then finally delivered to you.  There are processes and people in each step.  Free?  Zero cost?  No way.   Even if the oil company is vertically integrated… which is never the case… bottom line is that they are not free, you are paying for them somewhere. 

Ask your oil company, the one with the free floor mats, what your program pricing would be without the free floor mats.  Get ready to raise an eyebrow when they say… “same price, they are free.”  Nothing is free.  Nothing.  Control your spend with

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