Who We Are – Why We’re Here


Since 1995 our parent company, the Auto Dealers Co-Operative in Cincinnati, Ohio has been serving dealerships.  We were built by dealers, are owned by dealers, and work for dealers.  That’s what we do, that’s all we do, and that’s all we will ever do.  Autostoresupply.com is but a manifestation of our mission.  We feel that there is an opportunity to shake things up in the dealer supply space.  So, we did a proof of concept.  We looked at 150 of the top selling items it the US at 25 online competitors.  That’s 3,750 price points.  Autostoresupply.com was high on two.  A manager special window sticker and a snow rake.  Don’t worry, we fixed those two items.  What we are saying is that for too long too many of our competitors have been charging too much for your supplies.  Folks, there are only two suppliers of these products to distributors like us.  Two.  We know their price structure and we’re telling you that if you’re not buying from us, you’re paying too much.  Period.  End of sentence.  Fact.  Mike drop.  Over and out.

For seat covers, floor mats, tags, hold/sold, temp tag covers, deal jackets, Versa Tags, dispatch numbers, hang tags, window stickers, buyer’s guides, five in one machines, dealer specific items for sales and service… you use them every day.  We have them every day.  No ulterior motives here, no other mouths to feed.  Built by dealers, owned by dealers, for dealers.  Period.  Too much??  Not here.

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