Where Your Store Is Wasting Money – 25 Years of Observations


We’ve been supplying dealerships and the automotive industry with daily use supplies for 25 years.  In that time, we’ve made some observations on where and how money is being wasted.  We thought we would share them with you.  In no particular order… because they all are bad…

  • Allowing vendors to make out orders and stock your shelves
  • Letting anyone not employed by the dealership into your supply chain
  • Signing service contracts with evergreen clauses or a minimum spend or both
  • Using anything other than quality, service, and price in a purchasing decision
  • Not paying attention to unsexy items like TP and soap
  • Putting purchasing decisions in the hands of vendors under the guise of a relationship
  • Not paying attention to what is used where
  • Purchasing what the last person did, just because they did
  • Not doing due diligence in purchasing
  • Not allowing vendors to compete for your business
  • Not making apples to apples comparisons on products
  • Using the dealerships 30 day revolving world to make long term purchasing decisions
  • Rental of anything that is disposable, or holds something disposable
  • Not making time to go through the purchasing process properly
  • Going through the purchasing process improperly and having to do it again and again
  • Free floor mats from the oil company
  • Free anything from anybody, nothing is free - ever
  • Not thinking the purchasing of daily supplies is not affecting your bottom line
We’re not here to teach a purchasing class, just wanted to share a couple decades of experience, and hopefully increase your bottom line a little bit.  Got any more pearls of wisdom?  Send them to us and we’ll post them up.

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