New Year – New Products – New Partners


Happy New Year, Folks!

Hope everyone out there in interweb-land is happy and healthy going into this New Year! Lots of things are happening here at First, we're getting some excellent traffic to the site by looking at our site visits, click rates, and all the other new-fangled measurables in this digital age. 

We're up to over 1000 auto dealers' specific items in our store now. So we're not just talking about adding pink and chartreuse windshield marker colors and telling you we have added products. Nope, as we've said before, we are built by dealers, owned by dealers, and for dealers. We wouldn't have it any other way than that.  

We've added categories of products and have bolstered (hey, we're on a thesaurus challenge here) our excellent products in the areas of Body/Shop, Detailing, Sales, Service, Office Supplies, and Janitorial/Safety products. 

Whether you have your own stand-alone lot or are the purveyor of a family of 26 new car dealerships, has the products you use at the best prices you've ever seen. 

Seriously, we buy from the same manufacturer's that our competitors buy from, and we sell it for less. The SAME products you're already using. I repeat, THE SAME!!

But what we're most excited about are our new partnerships!! You may have noticed that we have some new logos on our site. 

We're welcoming the Greater Cincinnati Automobile Dealers Association and the Ohio Independent Automobile Dealers Association. These are not endorsements like, "hey, your website is cool… we like it; we'll tell our members about it in our annual newsletter." These are genuine partnerships with real associations representing over 800 stores. And we're just getting started headed down that trail.

Are you part of an association that represents auto dealers? Are you part of a group of stores? New or used, they are all our brothers and sisters. If so, and you'd like to explore a real partnership, get ahold of us at: Drop us a line with your contact information, and we'll get ahold of you and set up a meeting. Video, in-person, phone, carrier pigeon… whatever form of communication is convenient. 

We will vet each other out a little bit and see where it goes from there.  

We've got more of these partnerships in the hopper, just waiting for some ink to dry. None of our competitors are going to do that. None of them. Ever. 

Why? Because they aren't working in the dealers' best interests. We are.  

Oh, and before we forget. 

We're running a special in January. 

Use AUTOSTORE20 at checkout and get 20% off our already incredible prices. If you're able to register on the site, there will be more goodies as we roll through 2023. No joke. 

We don't joke. Well, we do have fun. Talk to y'all later!!

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