Tales From the Road – Volume I


You know we here at Autostoresupply.com actually go out and make sales calls on dealers.  No way, you say?  It’s true.  We have two entire associations worth of new and used car dealers that we are providing dealer specific supplies for, and we love to get out on the road to visit our customers. While we’re out there, we do have some interesting conversations.  More often than not we end up scratching our heads trying to understand just why you all spend so much money on your dealer supplies when you don’t have to.   

Let me tell you a story...

I noted the pack of “Vehicle Not For Sale” stickers sitting on the used car sales manager’s desk…

“We sell those stickers, where did you get yours?” 

“I just buy them at the auction, they’re $25 a pack.”

“These size packs?”  As I pull one out of my sales bag.

“Yeah.  Same stickers.  Exactly the same now that I look at them.”

“We’re at $12.00.  Less than half of what you’re paying.  You could have bought yourself a burger and fries before the auction.  You know it’s better not to buy hangry.”

We save you money, on nearly ALL auto dealership supplies

It doesn’t stop with a vehicle sticker folks.  Our prices are significantly lower than any of our competitors, on the SAME items manufactured at the SAME places.  Compare for yourself our prices on dealer specific supplies for your sales floor, lot, service area, office, and detail bays. We’re talking floor mats, seat covers, tags, deal jackets, buyer’s guides, swooper banners, window stickers, car bows, dispatch numbers, demo plate holders, temp tag bags, odor eliminators, cleaners, detail products, and on and on and on. 

Autostoresupply.com Road Trips

Catch you next time for another tale from the road.  Until then, Autostoresupply.com for all your dealership needs.  Built by dealers, for dealers.

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