Tales From the Road – October 2023


Full disclosure… This Blog was NOT, repeat, NOT written by A.I. 

Welcome back, folks!  We are rolling along here at Autostoresupply.com, coming off our best quarter ever… the most sales, number of orders, and new customers… today we just sent a little box of goodies to a freight forwarder in New Jersey… can you say “Hello Europe!”  We shall see, but it’s pretty exciting stuff.

So, we’re looking through our numbers here, pouring through them like Scrooge McDuck counting his gold pieces… and we find that our paper floor mat sales have spiked.  We mean, SPIKED!  What?  Those heavy commoditized items that, by the way, you gotta have.  New or used car dealer, nobody is going to buy a car with dirty carpeting, are they?  Nope.  And if you’re servicing vehicles from your store, y’all had better put one down because customers know where their dirt was and where it wasn’t.  They just do.

Anyways, yeah, floor mats.  Why are sales up?  We investigated with our dealers around our home base of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  I went to the heartland, so to speak, to figure this out.  What we found was there are vendors out there that had made it a habit of giving away “free” floor mats in exchange for you signing up for their services.  Free!  No, Buddy… nothing’s free.  Those costs were buried in the contract and always have been.   

And just like the ever-shrinking bags of Doritos (have you seen them lately? Wow…), vendors are downsizing everything, permeating its way now to removing the “free” floor mats while your contract price is also raised by blank percent.  The ole double whammy that you didn’t see coming.   So, there’s been a mad scramble to find floor mats.  Wise dealers will go to Autostoresupply.com for them.  Cause even with shipping (they can be a little heavy), we’re still WAAAAY less expensive than our competitors. 

Enough said there.  You can do some digging yourself; we encourage that.  Then, do a little typing… A-U-T-O-S-T-O-R-E-S-U-P-P-L-Y -. -C-O-M…  and hit the Enter Button; we encourage that more.

Stay tuned for our November Newsletter with more cool dealer information and announcements. Lastly, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your patronage and support.  We appreciate your business, and we really enjoy taking care of all of y’all from coast to coast.  Europe?  Wouldn’t that be cool… yeah, we just picked up Helsinki; how you doin’???

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