Preferred and Partnered in a Year

0 comments has just had its one-year anniversary.  Wow, have we learned a lot in a year about setting up shop!  It’s not just about the operational logistics, order to cash, product selection… you know the nuts and bolts of distribution.  Today it’s about sessions, conversion rates, abandoned carts, and a thousand other tech terms that we won’t bore you with.

We sell to Auto Dealers.  We were built by Auto Dealers, for Auto Dealers.  It’s not your traditional marketing to the masses.  We market through the eye of a needle to a hyper-specific audience.  But how can you do that effectively?   You go to where the dealers go… to their trade associations. 

We’ve become preferred partners and associate members of three trade associations:  The Greater Cincinnati Auto Dealers Association, The Ohio Independent Automobile Dealers Association, and the Kentucky Automobile Dealers Association… we’ve got more in the hopper!   In this episode of Tales from the Road, we’d like to hype our new partners and let you know that there’s more coming!

These associations do fantastic work for the dealer bodies they serve and their respective communities.  The economic impact of dealership sales is quite astounding.  Sales, tax contributions, employment, advertising, charities, and related businesses (like us!) who work with and for dealerships in all areas of their business.  These associations represent and advocate for dealers.  And since dealers are our customers, partnering with them is an absolute must.

We are very proud to have been selected for these partnerships with three extraordinary associations.  We’ve hyperlinked them to the site, and we invite you to check them out and see for yourself all they do for a giant piece of the community.   More is coming, and you’ll see more logos pop up as we bring them on board.  Go where the dealers go.  That’s what we want.

So, what’s going on in year two besides more partnerships?   We just shipped to our 20th state; thank you, Queens, New York!  Our goal is to have the continental 48 states under our banner by this time next year.  We’ve got new vendors ready to come on board with unique new products.  And we will continue to be committed to bringing you the lowest prices on the items you use daily.   Our vision is not to be just a web store but a hub of information for new and used vehicle dealers across the United States.  Franchise or independent, you’re all a part of our industry and all a part of our family.  So be on the lookout for newsletters, specials, and other cool announcements as we continue to grow.

Without your generous support and patronage, we would not have made it through year one to year two.  To all our dealer friends, we humbly thank you for your business, and we will continue to bust it as hard as we can for you to keep our end up. 

Catch you down the road!

Built by Dealers.  For Dealers. 

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