Tales From the Road: Shuck and Duck


The Old Shuck and Duck

Just last week one of your Autostoresupply.com crew was sitting in the service waiting area at one of our customer dealerships as his vehicle was having an oil change.  We’re there anonymously, just mixed in with the other customers, pecking away at our laptop writing the next episode of Tales From the Road (the one we just scrapped, cause this is sooo much better.)  When one of our competitors walked in, and our ears perked up. 

Let’s set the stage first.  This competitor, well in fact all our competitors, purchase products from the same manufacturers that Autostoresupply.com does.  The same products. 

I’m eavesdropping, anonymously, listening to the pitch.  “We’ll deliver it right to your door, and even stock your shelves.  Leave everything to us, we’ll make sure you NEVER run out.  Trust us, we’ve got you covered.”   Ah, the old shuck and duck, leave it to us ploy…

So here are the areas that you’re getting hammered on.  And we mean hammered.  Deliver it right to your door.  For free?  Really?   We’ll stock your shelves.  For free?  Really?   You ever heard of Willie Sutton the bank robber?  When he was arrested (he was arrested) he was asked why he robbed banks.  His response, “that’s where the money is.”  Follow us?   That’s where the money is.  Your money.

We’re telling you that you’re getting robbed.  Seductively, smoothly “we’ll take care of everything”.  But robbed.  We buy the same items from the manufacturers at the SAME PRICE that they do.  Same price.  Same.  They mark it up with all the operational nonsense they can figure out, and then some.  Going to market they justify the outrageous pricing by framing themselves as your right-hand person.  Your shelf stocker.  Need four, well, here’s six.  We’ve got your back.  Where you keep your wallet. 

Use Autostoresupply.com for these supplies.  You will pay less; we don’t jack up freight and it gets shipped right to your door.  Under your control.  Stocking your shelves, under your control.  Managing your costs, under your control.   Pay less.  Save more.  Same items.  Built for dealers, by dealers.  Autostoresupply.com.  This is what we do.  It’s all we do.  It’s all we’re ever going to do. 

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