Tales From the Road - Volume III


Tales From the Road - Volume III


We’re going to call this installment of Tales From the Road, "Dealers Choice."  By the end of this story you may change that to, "How Not to Get a Deal."  You know Autostoresupply.com has been up and active now for just about eight months.  We’re shipping to 16 states now and have surpassed 100 customers.  We’re growing organically, slowly, and methodically.  Why?  Because we’re in this for the long haul.  As we’ve said, and will continue to say, we are owned by dealers… for dealers! 

Even though we’re shipping all over the country now, Ohio is still our home.  It’s where we live, and where we go out to see dealers and find out what’s happening out there.  In one of our latest visits, Deal Jackets were the subject of discussion.   You know Deal Jackets, right?  Kind of a staple item in all dealerships.  Lots of colors, 100 pack, 500 pack… you’re probably looking at one right now.  How much did you pay for it?   Well, if you’re in Ohio, and are using local companies, here’s what they are into you for:

Cincinnati - $104.60/500

Columbus - $102.93/500

Cleveland - $218.50/500

Amazon.com - $114.00/500

Not include shipping.  All are the same Deal Jackets made by the same manufacturer.  Same.  Same.  Same.

Autostoresupply.com - $66.00 

Ours are also the same deal jacket, made by the same manufacturer.  Yeah, we charge shipping too, but come on now!   Guarantee these price ratio’s stay consistent Maine to California.  HOW?  WHY?

Because we don’t do business with dealers to squeeze as much cash out of them as possible.  We are owned by dealers, for dealers.  Period.  Mike drop.  Out.

Autostoresupply.com.  $218.50 vs $66.00, your call. 

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