Tales from the Road – Volume II


March 2023 -

We were on the road again, having a chat with one of our dealer customers and this happened…

Autostore:  Didn’t you guys used to buy nitrile gloves from us?  You stopped.  Why did you stop?

Dealer:  We don’t know… suddenly, we’re getting gloves from the same people that do our uniforms and change our floor mats.

Autostore:  Oh no, the same company that makes you pay hundreds of dollars to restock band-aids?  On evergreen contracts?

Dealer:  Same.  And we’re now paying way more for gloves.  Those guys just started delivering them to us.  We thought we were getting them from you because we always had them.

Autostore:  How much more?

Dealer:  A lot.

This is a true story folks, the names have been withheld to prevent a hoard of lawyers from descending upon us like locusts on a field of corn.  Vendors will do these things to you because they think you can’t watch everything, especially your purchases.   Do your own purchasing, use Autostoresupply.com.  Watch the pennies and the dollars in your store will take care of themselves. 


See you next time!!!

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